Celebrating the Resurrection in 3,,,2,,,1

Selected Passages                                                                     Pastor Todd Harker

April 12, 2020

Scripture:  Luke 24:26 “Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?”


  • “The churches are empty and so is the tomb…Together we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death, doom and gloom”

Christ is Risen…He is Risen Indeed!!!

  • Jesus deals with every individual uniquely and perfectly according to their need.
  • John 20:1-18
  1. Jesus appeared to Mary and COMFORTED her
    • She was experiencing the AGONY of death
    • The MOURNING of loss, and
    • The BURDEN of care

Mary’s despondency turned to JUBILATION because of the resurrection

Luke 24:13-35

2  Jesus met two and FELLOWSHIPPED with them

    • They were trying to make SENSE of the madness – v.14
    • They were facing the REALITY of broken dreams – v.21
    • They were confused by the REPORTS of others – v.24

Their dejection turned to EXHILERATION because of the resurrection.

John 20:24-29

3.  Jesus met Thomas and INVITED him

    • Thomas’ hurt was greater than his HOPE – v.25
    • Thomas’ unbelief was greater than REALITY – v.25
    • Thomas’ response was greater than his REBUKE – v.28
    • Thomas’ rejection turned to PROCLAMATION because of the resurrection

 In each account we see…

    • 1) The CANDIDNESS of human nature
    • 2) A beautiful INTERACTION with Jesus
    • 3) A dynamic RESPONSE from each person