Fortifying Your Foundation…Adonai, The Great God (4)
Isaiah 6:1-8                                                                                               Pastor Todd Harker

July 14, 2019

Scripture Emphasis:

Isa 6:1 “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple.”

Three men; one Lord.  One Lord; three callings.  One was asked to wait on Him.  The second was asked to accomplish His purpose.  The last was called to do His will.  Each was shown something spectacular.  Each one responded differently yet God used them all.  He will do the same with you.

  1. Abraham the Apprehensive ___________________ – Gen. 15


  1. Moses the Excuse Driven __________________ – Ex. 3 and 4

III. Isaiah the Obedient Minded _______________ – Isaiah 6

  1. As before, Adonai ___________________ His glory – v.1-4
  2. Isaiah responded with complete _________________ – v.5
  3. He was ___________________ by God’s Holiness
  4. He was _______________ of his sinfulness
  5. God asked for someone to deliver a _______________ – v.8
  6. Isaiah _________________ the call of Adonai – v.8-13


Some Similarities:

  • In each case, Adonai __________________ His glory – Psalm 19
  • In each case, Adonai’s glory was life __________________
    • Abraham became a ________________
    • Moses became a ________________
    • Isaiah became a _______________
  • In each case, a ________________ had to be made
  • In each case, they had to ___________________ very difficult times
  • In each case, they _______________ what Adonai can do through me

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