Fortifying Your Foundation…El Emet (3), The Great Truth

Selected Passages                                                                                    Pastor Todd Harker

March 24, 2019

Scripture Emphasis:

John 14:6 “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Satan’s question, “Did God say,” made the way to Pilate’s question, “What is truth.”  It is ironic because God reveals Himself as El Emet in the Old Testament.  Jesus, in the New Testament, simply states, “I am the Truth.”  The church should know and cling to the truth but at times easily falls prey to lies. Here are six simple truths you can hold firm.

  1. Jesus was truth to those who exaggerated ___________________ – Mt. 6:2-18
  • You are not going _________________ living like this
  1. Jesus was truth to those who were listening _________________ – Mt. 7:24-27
  • You can __________ your lives upon my Word
  1. Jesus was truth to those who were _________________ – Jn 4:23, 24
  • What you are doing is wrong, but I can make you _____________
  1. Jesus was truth to the one who was ________________ – Luke 19
  • There is no one beyond the ___________________ of Jesus
  • I will always ___________ you where you are at
  1. Jesus was truth to those who were _________________ – John 6:26
  • I want you spiritually minded not _________________ motivated
  1. Jesus was truth to one who was righteously ___________ – Luke 23:43
  • There is no one too far lost to be ________________