Fortifying Your Foundation…El Emet, The Great Truth

Selected Passages                                                     Pastor Todd Harker

February 24, 2019

Scripture Emphasis:

Ps 31:5 “Into your hands I commit my spirit; redeem me, O Lord, the God of truth.”

People have trusted crooked politicians, quack doctors, religious frauds and fake friends.  They have been taken by free vacations, land bargains and amazing home improvement deals. The list of what people have fallen for is almost endless. It is hard to know what is genuinely true and what is “to good to be true”.  Today we meet El Emet.  He is not fake news.  El Emet means the God who is truth.  It does not mean He SPEAKS the truth or that He HAS truth, but that God IS TRUTH!!!

  1. The Truth can be ______________ – Gen. 2 and 3
  • God had given them __________________
  • Satan convinced them they needed ______________
  • They _______________ God’s truth for Satan’s lies
  • Trusting in God’s truth keeps us from Satan’s ______________
  1. The Truth can be ________________ – Psalm 31
  • David showed _______________ – v.1-8
  • David showed ______________ – v.9-18
  • David showed ______________ – v.19-23
  • Trusting is God’s truth _____________ us from man’s evil plans
  1. The Truth is _________________ in Christ – Matt. 7:24-27
  • I am the ____________ – John 14
  • What I _________ is truth
  • What I ______________ is truth
  • What I _____________ is truth
  • Trusting in God’s truth keep me from my own ______________