Fortifying Your Foundation…El Qanna, When God Throws a Curve (4)

Nativity Story                                                                           December 22, 2019

Pastor Todd Harker

Scripture Emphasis:

Luke 1:38 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said.”

God throws curves all the time.  He asked Noah to build a boat.  Abraham moved 500 miles.  Joseph was in a pit and then a prison.  Moses lived in a desert.  Boaz checked a field.  Esther won a pageant.  Peter, James and John caught fish.  Matthew gathered taxes and Paul was marching to Damascus.  I believe the greatest curve God threw was to Mary and Joseph.

God is still in the business of throwing curves.  Today we will see what happens to us when He throws one our way.

  1. We are able to experience someone ______________ than ourselves – 1:38
  1. We are able to respond with ________________ humility – 1:38
  1. We are able to embrace the coming challenges with ______________ – 1:38
  1. We are able to ____________ His new direction – Matt. 1:18-25
  1. We are able to see God at work within our new ______________ – Matt. 2
  1. We are able to go places we would not otherwise ___________ – Matt. 2
  1. We are able to tell a more ______________ story – Luke 2:19