Fortifying Your Foundation…Jehovah Shalom, The Great Peace Maker

Judges 6                                                                                                   Pastor Todd Harker

May 5, 2019

Scripture Emphasis:

Ps 29:11 “The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.”

The story of Gideon is unique for several reasons.  First, few OT characters interacted with a Preincarnate Jesus more than he did.  It also gives us a look at the depression surrounding the period of the Judges.  Lastly, it gives us today a penetrating look into the human condition apart from and struggling with God’s calling.  To study Gideon is to study human nature.  It is an open, honest and sometimes brutal encounter with basic human response.  Against these truths God reveals His special name Jehovah Shalom.  May we understand what the Great Peacemaker wants us to know.

  1. Gideon lived during _______________________ times – v.1-10
  • Sin will always bring ________________
  • The Midianites always brought _______________
  • God had removed His ______________ – Ps. 66:16-20
  • Lesson:
  • There is nothing more depressing, discouraging and troubling than when we _________________ sin above God
  1. Gideon demonstrated honest human ____________ – v.11-16
  • He shows great ___________ because of circumstances – v.11
  • He displays great __________________ before the Lord – v.12
  • He expresses great _____________ about his abilities – v.15
  • The ANATOMY of Fear:
  • When our circumstances seem ______________________
  • When our abilities seem ___________________
  • When our God seems ___________________