Hope for the Holidays (3)

Luke 1; Matt. 2; Luke 10:38-42                                                                                 Pastor Todd Harker

December 16, 2018

Scripture Emphasis:

Luke 10:39 “She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said.”

As we continue through our series this Christmas season, you will notice the first couple of messages were others focused.  To Proclaim the Truth of Jesus’ Life and Serve in Jesus’ Name is something that we should strive to do throughout the year.  Today we are going to focus more internally and hopefully give ourselves a wonderful Christmas present.

Christmas Trivia: Where were the Shepherds found first, the Magi found next, Mary found later and all will be found even later?   _________________________________



  1. Plan a _____________ of study
  1. Prioritize my ______________ – Jesus should get the ________________
  1. Reserve a ___________________ time – Daniel 6
  1. ____________ your time – It is okay to be ___________
  1. Follow _____________ as much as possible