Messy Christianity…Overwhelming Joy

Joy in its Maturity

Selected Passages                                                                     Pastor Todd Harker

May 21, 2017

Scripture Emphasis:

Phil 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

As we have learned, Joy is a lifecycle.  It begins at birth, grows in infancy, develops in adolescence and finally becomes mature.  However, the maturity of joy does not mean we have arrived.  Far from it.  It does mean that we take full advantage of the scriptural truths God gives us to hold on to as we embrace the mess that plagues our lives this side of eternity.

Joy in its Maturity is Based upon Certain Realities

1) Nowhere are we ______________ a story book ending in this life

2) At times, we may face absolute _________________ – John 15:18-25

3) As we follow Christ, we will face mounting ______________ – John 16:25-33; Acts 16:16-24

4) Other times, we may face heart wrenching _____________ – James 1:1-5; Romans 5:1-5

5) Sometimes we may face ____________________ teachers – 2 Peter 2

6) In difficult times, we may face moments of ______________ – Ps. 30; 77


  • None of the above are _______________ things to have to face
  • Each passage offers us a great _________________ on rejoicing
  • We will grow into maturity when these ____________ become our ____________

Embrace the Mess!!!