Messy Christianity…Overwhelming Joy

The Adolescence of Joy

Selected Passages                                                                     Feb. 26, 2017

Pastor Todd Harker


In running terms it’s called “hitting the wall”.  In new relationships it’s called the “honeymoon period”.   When it comes to Christianity, it’s just called “life”.  Life is the thing that happens after the salvation celebration has ended.  Life is the thing God uses to produce the maturity He desires in us.  Life is where what we think we want collides with what God knows we need.  In the life cycle of joy it can be viewed as the adolescent period.  It is here our joy becomes challenged and life can become messy.


1) Joy in adolescence can be deeply affected by ________ – Job. 3

  • One of the greatest _______________ to joy is death



2) Joy in adolescence can be deeply infected by ______________ – Ps. 55

  • Being human means, at times, friends will ______________ us



3) Joy in adolescence can be deeply impacted by _____________ – 1 Kings 18; 19

  • You would not think this to be true, but many ____________ regularly with this




Embrace the Mess!!!