Following Jesus Through the Gospels…The WHO

John 21                                                                                    Pastor Todd Harker

April 8, 2018

Scripture Emphasis:

John 21:22c “You must follow me.”

If you are ever going to get anywhere in life, then you better know where you are going.  Knowing where you are going is sometimes hard when you are not sure of who to follow.  When you follow Jesus, you’ll never have to be concerned about where you are going or how you are going to get there.  He has planned your life to perfection; all you have to do is follow Him!


  1. Jesus is still ______________ – John 21:1
  • The Bible never tries to __________ the resurrection; The Bible _______________ the resurrection
  1. Jesus is still ______________ – John 21:6
  1. Jesus is still ______________ – John 21:12
  1. Jesus is still ____________________ – John 21:7-14
  • There is no greater relationship with anyone than a ______________ relationship with Jesus Christ.
  1. Jesus is still ___________________ – John 21:15-17
  1. Jesus is still _______________ – John 21:18-22
  • There is no greater ________________ in life than the purpose Christ gives us when we _____________ Him.