Summer of Hope… Hope for the Nations (2)

Matthew 1:1-21                                                                        Pastor Todd Harker

July 15, 2018

Scripture Emphasis:

Matt 12:21 “In his name the nations will put their hope.”

When things are bad, when times are tough, there is usually one thing that keeps people moving forward – HOPE.  There are two hopes in life.  The first is blind hope, hope that things can and will get better.  The second is more powerful.  It is confident hope based upon reality.  The NT uses the word “hope” 80 times.  Sometimes hope is a person, an action, a place, an event, an act, a lifestyle, or an anchor.  All times they are based upon the realities the Bible gives to the believer to cement their hope.  This summer will we explore a few of them.

  1. The _________________ climate of this passage is important
  • ______________ Judaism – a religious institution
  • ______________ Romanism – a governmental system – Gal. 4:4
  1. The _____________ between Jesus and the Jews and Romans is great
  • He was offering Himself first as the hope of the _________
  • He was offering Himself second as the hope of the ______________
  1. These groups presented _______________ and provided _________________ during Jesus’ ministry
  • The Hope of the Nations _________________ from confrontation
    • The Hope of the Nations ___________ calm at His trial – John 18, 19