Ultimate Faith: The Centurion

The Soldier with the Soft Side

Matt. 8:5-13; Luke 7                                                                                January 1, 2017

Pastor Todd Harker

Scripture Emphasis:

Luke 7:9 “I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.”

This Centurion is unique.  Though known for their brutality, this one had a heart.  Though thought of as strong and demanding, this one only had a singular request.  While others feared their power, he knew where true power could be found.  Though many paid tribute to Caesar, this centurion acknowledged Jesus as Lord.  We can learn from this soldier with a soft side.

1) Ultimate Faith sees the Lord as ___________ and not a __________ – Matt. 8:5, 6

2) Ultimate Faith displays values that uniquely _____________ Christ – v. 6

  • Lives with others in _________
  • Treats others ______________
  • Treats others _______________

3) Ultimate Faith and genuine ____________ are inseparable – v.8

4) Ultimate Faith realizes the _____________ power and control of God – v.9

5) Ultimate Faith stands out in a ____________ and is honored by the Lord – v.10

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